Lincroft First Aid and Rescue Squad


If you are interested in joining our Squad please complete the following steps:


1. Please click on the red button below for an application for the Squad,


2. Please fill out the below fields (in black).


Once you submit your request on step 2 someone from the Squad will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Classes of Membership

Responding Members: 

The responding member is any member that has joined the squad with the intention of answering first aid calls. These members are able to respond to calls with other members of the squad, as long as they have completed all mandatory certification requirements. If they have not completed these Federal/State requirements they are unable to ride. Probationary membership shall include any person who as been on the squad for less than one year. All new members shall be required to serve a probationary period of one year. During this period, and at the conclusion thereof, his/her supervising officer shall evaluate the probationary member. The supervising officer of a member seeking active or driver status is the Captian. The probationary period may be extened when the requirements of these postions have not been obtained within one year. Responding members are required to attened 50% of the business meetings and 50% of the drills. Responding members are also required to sign up for a night crew or complete 52 hours of standbys.


Social Members:

The social member is any member that has joined the squad with the intention of assisting the squad in administratvie purposes. Any member who has completed the probationary period, who wishes to continue to assist the the Squad in an administrative capacity (i.e. delegate, committee member, or administrative member) shall be eligible to beome an administrative member. An administrative member must belong to to at least two administrative committees. An administrative member shall preform tasks assigned by the President and committee chairpersons, and assist in the general operation of the Squad. Social members are required to attened 50% of the business meetings.