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MID-YEAR Update!

The first half of 2017 has been super busy...if this pace keeps up, we are on track to answer over 800 calls for the year!

Notable events from January to June 2017: 415 Calls answered 4 CPR saves 1 Delivery of a healthy baby boy 13 Special Event standbys completed (156 manpower hours) 26 Monday night duty crews staffed (597.5 manpower hours) 21 Weekend duty crews staffed (524 manpower hours)

With call volumes like these, we could always use more help…if you are interested in helping your friends in their moment of need or simply just want to give back to your community, stop by the Squad building on any Monday from 5pm to 10pm and ask the duty crew for an application to join our team. Or you can request a membership application under the “Contact Us” tab of our website ( The only training cost to you is your donated time…we cover all other training expenses. If you think you might be interested in saving a life but have some questions, feel free to shoot us a Facebook message and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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